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Once upon a time there was a young man named Ben who was married to his beautiful wife Brandy. They were a happily married couple with three children Ryan, Magui, and Aaron. This family lived in Africa out in the country. They were not rich at all but made it through every day with just enough to eat and a warm little cottage to live in.


One day while Ben was watching his children play imaginary games outside in their yard, an idea came to him on how to create a toy. Sadly enough, Ben and Brandy did not have enough money to go into town and buy their children toys. Ben, being a very talented man, could make things if he could get his hands on the supplies he needed.

A few days later while walking home from work in town, Ben passed by Mr. Gordon's house and saw a pile of old rusted and bent wire laying next to his barn. Since Mr. Gordon was a wealthy land owner, Ben decided he would go and ask Mr. Gordon if he could just take a few pieces of wire from that stack next to the barn.

Ben went up to Mr. Gordon's house and knocked on his big wooden door. He heard footsteps coming toward the door, and started to get nervous. Ben thought to himself, "What do I say to Mr. Gordon?" The door opened and there stood Mr. Gordon in his night robe as the sun had already gone down and it was getting late. Ben said, "Hello, Mr. Gordon. How are you this wonderful evening?" In a tired voice he replied, "I'm doing just fine, how can I help you?" Ben asked if he could have a few pieces of the old wire. Mr. Gordon scratched his head, looked curiously at Ben, and asked, "Ben, what do you need with that old worthless wire?" Ben replied, "I need it to put together a little project I am working on." Mr. Gordon looked at Ben, and with a smile said, "Ben, take as much of that wire as you need."

Ben went over to the pile of wire and picked out some pieces he thought he could use. As Ben was walking home he was picturing how he could clean up the old rusted wire and how he would bend it to create his car. When Ben got home and walked through the door with a big grin on his face, Brandy asked, "What do you need all that old rusty wire for?" Ben replied, "You'll see." Then Ben sat down with Brandy and the children, who were all seated at the kitchen table ready to eat their supper.

Later that night after Ryan, Magui, and Aaron were tucked into bed and kissed good night, Ben told Brandy what the wire was for. Brandy thought to herself, "I sure hope he can build a toy out of all those old pieces of wire." Brandy went to bed and Ben worked for a few hours straightening out the pieces of wire he had picked up. He soon got tired and went to bed.

For the next few nights Ben continued working on cleaning the wire by sanding it. One night he took out all the cleaning tools, but when he brought out the pieces of wire, to his amazement he saw that all the wire was finally clean! Ben was very happy and immediately started bending the wire into the shapes he had imagined just a few days before. After a couple of nights of working hard on bending the wire, Ben completed his first car. He was very happy and played with the toy to make sure it was strong enough to endure the many days it would be played with by his children. Ben enjoyed playing with his little invention and was thrilled with the outcome.



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