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That morning when Brandy woke up and got out of bed, she woke Ben up like she did every morning and asked him about his project. Brandy had no idea what to expect as the last time she saw any part of the little car was that first night when Ben came home with the bundle of old rusted wire. Ben looked at her and smiled. He sat up in bed and leaned over and reached under the bed and pulled out his little car. Brandy was so happy to see how nice the car looked that she let out a little squeal of delight! Smiling, she gave Ben a hug. They heard the three children coming, so Ben quickly put the car away. The door burst open and in came Ryan, Magui, and Aaron. Ben greeted the children with a cheerful "Good morning," but he did not tell his secret. Brandy smiled and then took the children to the kitchen so she could fix their breakfast and they could go off to school.

That evening while Brandy was watching her children play outside, she asked Ben when he was going to give the car to the kids. Ben told her he thought he had just enough wire left to make another car and would like to give them two cars to play with. That night Ben stayed up all night working on bending the wire into another car. As he was getting close to finishing the toy a few pieces of wire broke. Ben did not have any wire left to replace the broken pieces so he took the car and placed it behind some books on his little bookshelf and went to bed. He had worked so hard and felt so disappointed when he could not complete that car.

The next morning Ben got up early and went into the children's room to wake up Ryan, Aaron and Magui. They asked why he wanted them up so early on a Saturday morning! They did not have to go to school, or even do any chores as they knew Saturdays were play days. Ben smiled as he turned and walked out the door saying, "I guess you don't want to play with the toy I made for you." At this Magui jumped out of bed and chased after her dad asking, "Daddy, daddy what kind of toy is it?" Ryan, the oldest of the children, was not too sure what to make of this whole incident, so he stayed in bed for a while longer.


Meanwhile Aaron was chasing after Magui and his dad. He wanted to know if the toy was as nice as the toy he got last year, which was a shoe box with some sand in it. The box also had some twigs, seeds and a rock that looked to him like a cow. He had another rock that looked like a dog and another that looked just like a horse. Aaron found some pieces of cardboard and glued them together to make a barn for his dog rock, cow rock and horse rock to live in. As Aaron rounded a corner he saw his dad sitting in the chair with Magui on his lap, and she was holding a car. At seeing this Aaron was very excited and asked Magui if he could hold it too! She gave it to him and said, "Let's go play outside." So they went outside still in their pajamas, but Brandy made them come back into the house and change into play clothes.

While all this was going on Ryan had gone back to sleep, but after just a short while he heard his younger brother and sister playing outside, and it sounded as though they were having a really good time. He sat up and tried to decide whether he should get up and join them or not. A whole minute went by. He jumped out of bed, changed into his play clothes and ran outside to join in the fun. When Ryan saw the car his brother and sister were playing with, he got very excited and was so glad that he had decided to get out of bed! Ryan helped Magui and Aaron build little mud houses, bridges, and roads for their new car. After only taking a break for lunch, the three children played all day long with the little wire-framed car.

Eventually Brandy had to call them in to bathe and eat dinner. The children decided to go to bed earlier then usual. Ben thought this was strange and asked Brandy if she knew why the kids went to bed so early? Brandy said, "I have no idea why they all went to bed, unless they are


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