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tired." Ben got up and walked into the children's room and asked, "Why are you all in bed so early to night?" They all said, "Daddy, tomorrow is church, and we want to go to bed early so we can get up early and play inside with the car before we have to leave for church!" Ben said, "Oh, good idea. Which one of you thought of it?" Magui said, "I thought of the part of waking up early to play for a while before we leave for church." Ryan said, "I thought of the part of going to bed early so we won't lose out on any sleep." Aaron said, "I thought of the clean part daddy." Ben asked, "What do you mean, Aaron, the clean part?" Aaron said, "Well, if we wake up and get ready for church early and stay inside and play with the car, we will not get dirty. Then we can play right up until you and mommy say it's time to leave." Ben went back to Brandy and explained to her why the children went to bed so early, and they continued to talk for awhile. Christmas was right around the corner. Brandy told Ben that she had saved up enough money so that their family could have a nice Christmas this year. She told him they could go out and buy a small Christmas tree, and also have a nice Christmas dinner. The only problem was that there was not enough money to buy any gifts for the children. This made them both feel sad, as they both wanted to go into town and buy nice gifts for their children, as other families did.

About two weeks before Christmas, Ben told Brandy he would stop and pick up more old wire. After work that day he stopped by Mr. Gordon's house again and explained that he needed more wire. With a sad look Mr. Gordon said, "Ben, I have taken that rusty old wire to the dump, as I'm planning a big Christmas and New Year's party this year, and I had all my workers clean up the yard, barns and fields for this party. I thought you had taken all you needed. Why do you need that rusty old wire any way?" Ben explained to him how he took the old wire and cleaned it and made it into a little car for his children to play with. Mr. Gordon told Ben that he had passed by their house and had seen the children playing in the yard. He had told his driver to stop the car, so that he could say hello to Brandy and the children. He had been to a candy store in town and picked up some candy for Ryan, Magui and Aaron, as he knew that Ben did not have much money to buy the children candy. Occasionally he would buy candy and take it to Brandy to give to the children as a treat. On this particular day Magui showed Mr. Gordon the car her dad had made, and he was quite impressed.

When Ben got home, Brandy was still up. It was late and the children were already in bed. Brandy excitedly told Ben of the Christmas dinner she was planning and the Christmas Tree she had found and planned on buying. Ben could see Brandy was happy, and he did not want to ruin her happiness or her plans.


The next day after work, while Ben was starting his walk home, Mr. Gordon pulled up in his car and said to Ben, "Hop in, we'll give you a ride home." On the way home Mr. Gordon took Ben to one of his stores and had the driver stop the car. They went inside and Mr. Gordon showed him the finest wire he had in stock for various projects he worked on. He told Ben that he could have as much of this wire as he needed, and told him that he could use his shop and all the tools to build his children the cars he wanted to make for Christmas. To save time, his driver would pick him up every day from work and drive him to the shop and drive Ben home once he was done working for the evening. Ben was so happy that he thanked Mr. Gordon and asked if he could begin working on the cars right away! Mr. Gordon said, "I thought you would want to" and chuckled.

For the next two weeks, Ben worked every night on the cars, even on Christmas Eve. That night, however, he worked very late. By this time, after all the long hours of working on the


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